A new kind of challenge…

As you all know, I love to build things in games…and one of the many, many games I build in (ALOT) is The Sims 4.

Recently I have been introduced to a brand new media platform that sets challenges for content creators in various games, helping them network with each other and game devs.

It’s called Playerstate and this week I entered one of their challenges…To build a modern home for the Sims vampire stalwart, Count Vlad.

Seems simple enough, but I have never, ever built a “modern” house, let alone one of this size and standard. But ever the optimist I gave it a crack!

It took a while, and my pics aren’t perfect, but I am very proud of what I managed to achieve. If you are a Sims player and want to see it in detail for yourself you can check it out here

I’m pleased to see it has garnered quite a favourable response on Playerstate itself, and now it is time to vote. There are a number of categories in this challenge, and it’d be lovely to win something, but there are some fabulous builders out there, showcase their talents.

So what I’d love is for you all to pop over to Playerstate, have a look at the entries involved, and show some love to the ones you rate!

You never know, you may find your new favourite content creator.

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